Brand Voice and Customer Journey

Every story begins with a voice. Can you hear yours?

Develop a brand voice that tells your story, along with a visual identity to support it. We work in with tech companies, manufacturers, and financial services companies to launch new brands or update existing brands, or to develop special and new products. Our process looks like this:

- Develop your brand's voice, look, and feel.
-Interview your sales and marketing teams - and customers - to create materials that support your brand story.
-Outline your content strategy and provide you with a playbook for moving forward.

Photo by Sara Ghesquire - @PigeonPatrol on Instagram.

Conversational marketing

Our team takes an organic approach to brand messaging. We want to peel away all the jargon and buzzword speak so that the conversation you’re having with your customers feels natural, and makes you approachable.

Truth is, a lot of companies hide behind jargon and buzzwords because they have a hard time articulating their core values. But when you’re able to speak with an honest voice and communicate your value earnestly, you’ll start making stronger connections with potential customers, and winning more loyalty throughout your process.

Our approach

We use a mix of the following methods:

-One-on-one or team meetings
-Half-day or full-day brainstorming sessions
-Content mapping for multiple audiences

The key here is: Don’t start mapping your journey until you know where you want to go. Let us help you build a map.

How we help

It’s often the simplest solutions that bring the best rewards. We can meet with your team to help zero in on the right messaging approach. You might be buttoned up and ready to go to market, all you need is a dust-up on your brand. Or, you might want to dig deeper, do some customer interviews or market testing to find out what will resonate best.