Client Portfolio


Here you'll find samples of projects I've worked on, including collaborations with team members and a wide variety of content from blog posts, to case studies and research reports, and infographics. If you'd like to see a specific type of work sample, give a shout and we'll get it over to you. 

In addition to traditional client work, I've also published four books and have served as an editor for magazines and books. Read more about it here, and see some samples. 

Finally, my focus is on helping businesses with a complex story to tell develop the content they need to convert readers into customers. While my focus tends to be on technology companies in software industry and manufacturing, with some finance, I can tackle a wide range of topics, so feel free to get in touch if you need a writer who can bring an entire content marketing team to the table.


Tech writing includes blogs, research reports, and websites. Here are a few samples of projects.


Where manufacturing and technology meet, we're there. Our writers and designers understand the manufacturing sector.

Financial Services

We work on projects for financial services clients in banking, insurance, and more.