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We are content creation specialists who know and understand the tech space inside and out. We work with new technologies and we also understand manufacturing technology. Our writers are brilliant at taking technical topics and writing the appropriate copy for your audience – highly technical pieces targeted to engineers, or toned-down copy that speaks to the marketers and customers who support and use the technology.

We like to take a few key concepts and turn them into a content series that you can use and promote for months to come. 

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Case Study: Targeting the Right Audience

A client in the health insurance technology sector was keenly aware of its tight window during the health insurance open enrollment season. And if their window was tight, so was their budget - they didn’t want to take too big of a gamble on the short open enrollment period during questionable times for the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

So, we worked with the health insurance technology company to develop a lithe campaign that focused on achieving local results with a very well-defined target market - business professionals likely to own and operate sole proprietorships.

One key element of our approach was looking at the primary customer to understand what they would need not only to engage with the insurance provider, but to follow through and purchase. After all, purchasing health insurance is a really big multi-step life decision.

We created the support materials with a focus on educating the customer in a “real” and friendly voice to minimize the intimidation factor that typically shrouds health insurance content.  

The strategy paid off. Our client exceeded sales projections (and hopes) by more than 12% - certainly a good outcome in uncertain times.

How we help

We focus on client needs and specific use cases to develop a tailored solution that marries budgets with goals, and effort with outcomes.