Content Marketing Services

I provide content marketing services via a mix of writers, designers, programmers, and search engine marketing professionals, to create a team that’s focused on your company and your project needs. Specializing in technology and manufacturing, financial services, and more, we create a nimble team that's ready to create the content you need.

We work with a 1-2-3 approach. First, we look at the big picture to see what your company needs, next we develop a strategy that fits your defined budget and goals, and then we create the materials you need and help you go to market with your strategy and fine tune it with you as needed.

From creating or updating your corporate voice and messaging, to working on a project as you define it, we take into consideration your current project needs and how they fit into the overall picture of your long-term marketing goals.

Content Services

Develop a Voice

Create Content

Convert Customers

Image by Sarah Ghesquire @Pigeon Patrol on Instagram

Defining your market

Once we understand you, we take a look at your market and your customers. Who are you telling this story to, and what is most likely to compel the right audience toward engagement? This can be as simple as building basic customer profiles, or as complex as working with your teams to marry your product roadmap with detailed strategic content planning campaigns, audience by audience.

The ultimate goal is to create a content plan that helps you tell a story over time. We’re big fans of finding ways to repurpose existing content or create new content that can be used for multiple platforms, maximizing your effort and spend so that you get long-term use out of the content you build during a sprint with us.

Launching your projects

We help you map out a route for telling your story that’s built to take you through the next 12 - 18 months. From creating a finished product that looks great, reads well, and is optimized for each medium it serves, to working with your team to line up content and creative with all the tools in your marketing stack, we make sure you’re getting the most out of the content we create for you.

We’ve discovered a bit of a secret: You’ve got a corporate story that’s central to who are you and what you do or sell - once you have this story down, it’s a lot easier to produce the content you need at scale. We help you draw the line from the heart of your story to the minds of your potential customers.

Meet with us. We’re honest, hard-working Midwestern types who thrive on a hard day’s work. We’ll ask questions and listen to your answers. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we’ll go back to the office and draw up a plan.

We love to present options. We’ll typically provide you with a basic option that outlines what we can do for you at minimum, then we break out a slightly deeper approach, and finally, we show you what it might look like if you shoot for the moon. You can pick and choose, and tailor the solution that works best for you.

What we don’t do

We don’t want to stick you with a long-term engagement, a monthly retainer, or hit you with a bunch of meaningless invoices. We outline our pricing strategy project-by-project and bill you for actual hours worked. We do our best to anticipate overages and build that into our estimates. and if we get to the point that we’re approaching budget limits, we let you know.

We also limit the amount of projects we work on at any given time so that we can give you the time your project requires. This drives up our price a bit, but we have a commitment to being accessible, on-time, and on budget.